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While Gov. Bill Walker is leaving office, his nearly $6 billion spending plan could provide the basis for Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy’s first budget.

Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy’s cabinet is taking shape with several key positions announced Monday. Only one has worked for a state government.

Election workers are scheduled to audit the remaining absentee ballots Nov. 23. If the vote count is still tied after that, then there will be a recount.

John MacKinnon was the department’s deputy commissioner of highways and public facilities from 2003 to 2008.

Medicaid has an old rule that says it won't pay for substance abuse treatment if a facility has more than 16 beds. Alaska can now ignore that restriction.

Transition chairman Tuckerman Babcock said the resignation requests allow at-will workers to let the transition know they want to be part of the Dunleavy administration.

When Congressman Don Young became the most senior member, or “dean”, of the House, the role had no power. But it does now.

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan said a bill to protect the Mueller investigation isn't needed because the president has said he doesn't intend to replace Robert Mueller. "I take him at his word on that.”

Tamika Ledbetter currently manages the Anchorage/Mat-Su Economic Region for the department

Anchorage Sen. Cathy Giessel will be the Senate president when the 31st Legislature is sworn in on Jan. 15.

Inaugural celebration co-chair Cynthia Henry says Dunleavy is “more Carhartt than tuxedo.”

Sen. Jeff Flake says he'll vote against all judicial nominees unless the Mueller protection bill is brought to the floor for a vote. He needs one more Republican to join him. Murkowski says it won't be her.

For years, Alaska's commercial fishing fleet has dreaded a requirement to obtain a permit for even basic boat discharges, like draining a fish hold, or hosing down a deck. Now, Congress is on the verge of ditching the requirement forever.

Corri Feige is not new to the agency she will now lead — she was previously the head of DNR’s Division of Oil and Gas under Gov. Bill Walker.

An Anchorage Superior Court Judge issued a final order on the lawsuit, which was filed in August by the ACLU of Alaska, the group Dunleavy for Alaska and Palmer resident Eric Siebels.

Many police departments didn't respond to requests for data about missing or murdered indigenous women. "You will never solve a problem you won't admit you have, that you don't have data on," says Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.

If Kathryn Dodge wins her race, the Alaska House could be split 20-20 with members of a mostly Democratic caucus and a Republican caucus.

The U.S Supreme Court again heard a case that pits the National Park Service against Alaska's sovereignty, and this time subsistence was a big topic. Audio includes excerpts of the arguments.

Dunleavy’s transition chairman Tuckerman Babcock also announced that former Libertarian Party state legislator Dick Randolph will be an adviser on constitutional amendments. Listen cloud rackspace status now

The representative identified Wednesday as the next speaker of the Alaska House currently lacks the 21 votes needed to be elected to the job, according to an interview with one of his colleagues. Listen how to crack expired trial software now